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We occupied our small estate of 1200 m2 together with the little dog Bob who was once abandoned by his owners. He has been with us for over 16 years but died in the autumn of 2012. Recently we got a small terrier Mila, rescued from a garbage dump and the half-wild cat Katie who strolled by and decided to stay.

We are Cees and Anja Koger
Uvala Ul 2
Punta Kriza
51554 Nerezine

Tel. +385 91 5886586

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In the summer of 1994 - after 25 annual holidays - we decided to enjoy early retirement in Croatia. We traded Holland's mist and drizzle for sun and sometimes earshattering thunder, highways for rocky trails and hitech for spade and crowbar. Health was a decisive factor. Wilderness turned into a prolific garden, the modest summerhouse into the estate we presented you here. Gradually technology once again found it's way back into and around the house, to make life easier and civilization is closing in on us. But the drizzle did not follow us here..