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Off season and on one of the few cloudy days in summer the immediate surroundings offer many opportunities. There are many ancient relics ranging from fossiles, prehistoric caves and Roman structures to only in the last century abandoned villages. In early spring after rain people collect wild asparagus that grow near stone walls everywhere and are greatly valued by gourmets. In autumn there are several kinds of excellent mushrooms to pick.

Introduced in 2006 are the well marked hiking and biking trails to several destinations around Punta Kriza and the mountainous area near Osor. Most of the ancient horse trail that once was the only road that connected the villages to Osor has been restored. Signs along the main road show the distances in walking minutes, the trails are clearly marked on trees and rocks. They range from effortlessly flat or hilly near Punta Kriza to steep and challenging on the mountain Osorcica behind Osor.

Mali Losinj on the sister-island Losinj is the capitol of this archipelago, with numerous small and large restaurants, market stands and shops around a natural harbour filled with sailing ships, motor boats and smaller vessels. From here excursion ships depart every day for the surrounding islands, like the sandy Susak, inhabited almost exclusively by older women wearing traditional black costumes with petticoats all year round. Others sail to the well known fishing grounds for a day of sea fishing, concluded with a grill party on a quiet beach.
Those who object to a guided tour can take the regular ferry to the nearby islands or the fast catamaran to Rijeka and make their own excursion. Close to town is the local airfield where panorama flights are organised in summer and where air taxi's are available. Diving is a highly valued pastime on the island. There are many diving centers for both beginners and licensed divers.The diving center Osor organizes tours to a large submerged reef, just outside Uvala Ul.

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