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On these pages we introduce you to a holiday destination the likes of which are very hard to find in Europe. One of the last coastal areas that still escaped the paws of mass tourism, project developers and the industry. Where it is perfectly normal to have a visibility of 25 miles or more and where at sea you can see the rocky bottom at nearly 30 ft. depth. Where for over a century the combination of mediteranean temperatures, clean air and saline seawater has comforted and cured patients with respiratory diseases, arthritic conditions, skin problems etc.

It is a place for nature lovers, who roam the evergreen woods, interlaced with maquis, in search of rare plants, butterflies and other animals. Or who just enjoy watching the abundant population of roe and deer. A place for sailors, who find here a well sheltered mooring as a starting point for sailing or motoring trips to any or all of 1000 islands. A place for sports divers, anglers and of course for sun lovers: with approximately 2700 sun hours per year this place matches most islands in Greece, but is considerably nearer.